12 Core/24 Thread Ryzen Matisse Spotted in UserBenchmark

Even before CES, where AMD unveiled an early engineering sample of their Ryzen 3000 chip, there has been massive speculation surrounding the possibility of AMD bumping up the core counts on the AM4 platform.

This leak comes from TUM_APISAK on Twitter, who found the entry within UserBenchmark's database. The actual result is available on their site here.

The engineering sample's description reportedly identifies as a Matisse processor with the H2 designation. It is also clear to us that it is in fact AM4 based, as it was tested within the AMD Myrtle-MS Development Board.

Let's get into actual numbers. Currently, the chip reports a base clock of 3.4GHz and a sustained boost of 3.6GHz across all cores. The peak frequency managed to reach as high as 4.7GHz while having a rated TDP of 105W. With how early the silicon for the chip is, we are very hopeful that these numbers will only increase as the product comes closer to launch.

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