AMD CES 2019

Gonna cut the crap. AMD is having their keynote here and we will be writing this as we watch it. I will just state that I am writing this article as it occurs, and so it may not share the fidelity of my other articles.

Starting off, the intro starts with AMD rolling their CES Ready video. I, personally, wasn't too fussed. But the voice behind the video was captivating to say the least.

Right off the bat, cheers can be heard when the presenter talks about Ryzen Threadripper being the world's first HEDT 32 core CPU in the face of the 2990WX. There is yet another video reel going on with one of the headlines being "This is our future", something I personally believe with the innovation that AMD is truly driving with higher and higher core counts.

Lisa Su finally comes out to a round of applause, and proceeds to talk about the past. She covers just a few of the landmark achievements AMD has landed over the years, including that of powering both Sony and Microsoft consoles since 2013.

On a side note, it looks like she has stolen Uncle Jensen Huang's jacket... Just saying.

Lisa Su goes on to talk about creators quite a lot, explaining how much content creators rely on AMD for 3D modelling, game development and virtual production. Within an instant, she brings up a slide with Threadripper and proceeds to bash Intel only offering 10 cores in the HEDT market for years. And again, it is met by a LOT of happy fans.

Another video is played from Fox VFX, where they talk about how they appreciate how AMD listens to their HEDT consumers and gives them what they want. They go so far to say that they saw 30% gains immediately per user at their studio.

Lisa Su then carries on with talking about the Ryzen 2000 series on mobile, and states that they are the best processors for the market due to their price-performance along with their integrated Vega GPUs.

She continues to talk about gaming. Admiring how gaming not only expands the PC market, but how it brings more people together. As she finishes her statement, she calls out Phil Spencer of Microsoft. The two reminisce about the release of the Xbox One's release as well as the Xbox One-X as the 'past releases'. Dropping hints for a new console release coming up..?

Moving on, we are greeted with some slides from the Adrenaline 2019 software, detailing new features and stability. Straight away, Lisa Su goes on to mention the "next generation of high performance gaming GPUs". In the teaser video, we are shown a card with the Radeon branding and a 3 fan cooler, which is later revealed to be called the Radeon 7 for the 7nm processing node it is built on and is the 2nd generation of Vega.

The card features 16GB of HBM and much faster clock speeds, although we don't have full details jsut yet. They reveal that the card ranges from 27% to 69% improved performance from the Vega 64 in benchmarks, and 24% to 48% in gaming. It is important to note, the card is touted for gaming. They continue to show Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) running on the card at a very silky smooth framerate averaging between 95-100 fps, with a low of 69fps. Did I mention this was at 4K? They then instantly bash Nvidia, stating that the Radeon 7 had better performance in Strange Brigade, Farcry 5 and Battlefield V than the RTX 2080 (with RTX off of course.) The card is touted to launch at $699 on February 7th with Resident Evil 2, DMC5 and The Division 2. Quite a bundle!

Lisa calls out David Polfeldt of Ubisoft and proceed to show off the first gameplay footage of The Division 2, powered by Radeon 7. Unfortunately, we are not given performance metrics but it is at least clear to us it averages above 60fps in 4k. They waste no time in stating they will have a demo of the game at their booth, and also give everyone attending their keynote a free digital pass for the game, which only begets cheers from the audience. Damn I wish I was there.

Lisa Su also announces that AMD will be powering Google's game streaming service using their Radeon Pro graphics cards. We hope to see some of the Adrenaline 2019 features sneak into project stream!

Okay, another video. Personally, I'm getting a little tired of these reels. Just putting it out there. But, it's nice to see AMD working with the community as well as large businesses. But hey, at least it leads to Zen 2. Let's see what's in store.

Epyc gets another mention, as well as another comparison to Intel's highest end 8180 processors. The CPUs are set to start shipping from the middle of 2019. Here is a picture from the slide.

Finally! Ryzen news! We get a chance to see Forza Horizon running on Ryzen 3000 as well as Radeon 7 and we see a framerate consistently higher than 100fps. We are then met by a Cinebench run, where we get to see a comparison between the 9900K and an undisclosed AMD CPU, where the score favoured AMD by 17 points.

We then get a nude of an 8 core Ryzen 3000, which has two main parts. The actual cores and the IO die. The IO die is massive to say the least, bigger than the CPU cores, and for good reason. It is responsible for the first mainstream implementation of PCIE 4.0. Quite a feat. Unfortunately, the release for Ryzen 3000 will be around the middle of the year. Rather dissappointing, but hey, what is another 6 months?

Well, that seems to be all for AMD's keynote. We hope you enjoyed the read. Please take into consideration that this was written as the event happened, so apologies for any typos or grammatical errors!

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