AMD Confirms Threadripper 3 - 2019 Release

AMD has released an updated roadmap for their Zen lineup of processors, featuring not just the standard AM4 chips under the Ryzen 3000 moniker, but also the TR4 Threadripper chips and we have a lot to expect from the coming chips.

Unfortunately, we do not have an expected release although in the past the Threadripper chips have preceeded the Ryzen chips by around the five month mark, so we could be expecting the chips around the December time-frame, though that would be leaving it really late while everyone is doing their Christmas shopping. For those hoping to be gifted one of the HEDT chips, expect to be let down.

What we know so far, based on uncomfirmed reports, is that we could see the new Threadripper SKUs mirroring the EPYC ROME lineup in terms of core-count. Yes. Up to 64 cores. But take that with a truck-load of salt. If these rumours are true, you can expect to see some features missing from the HEDT chips when directly compared to their server counterparts, such as only having quad-channel memory against EPYC's octo-channel.

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