AMD has 23% Revenue Growth

In the past couple years, AMD has really come back for the big game, getting multiple titles and recommendations for all round chips and productivity. It's fair to say the underdog is definitely competing with the big leagues over at Intel, especially given their recent demo at CES where they showcased an engineering sample beating out the 9900K. Bear in mind, engineering samples are typically weaker than the final product.

AMD has been rather lucky and has seemed to elude the China trade war that is currently going on. While they didn't quite meet revenue predictions, they still managed to reach their earning projections of 8% per share while only projecting stronger figures for the course of 2019. AMD has also restructered its Wafer Supply Agreement (WSA) with Global Foundries to be more in favour for the company, causing stocks to rise around the 10% margin.

AMD's revenue totalled $6.475 billion, showing a 23% YoY (year-on-year) increase, the most profitable year for the company since 2011 which has helped to reduce company debt.

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