Apple Blames Self-Repair for low Sales

Tim Cook has finally admitted that self-repair of older Apple devices has resulted in low iPhone sales, when it was addressed by investors. This article comes to us from Motherboard at Vice.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a letter to investors to notify them that the company would be failing its target revenue, in no small part due to self repair. The letter explicitly states this, and it notes that people are simply repairing their old iPhones.

It's not just a myth that Apple hates self-repair, and would much rather you use their authorised technicians so that they can get more money out of your pockets. They have even lobbied against the right to repair in several US states, and so they do not sell replacement parts, have sued an independant repair professional in Norway, worked alongisde Amazon to get refurbishers delisted and has also done specific deals with electronics recyclers that require them to completely shred iPhones and MacBooks as opposed to refurbishing them.

Not so long ago, Apple was caught red handed in "throttle gate", by which the performance of the device was tied directly to the battery, meaning as the battery capacity would fade over time, the performance of the device would also degrade, making it sluggish in tasks. After widespread outrage at independant reports, Apple was forced to sell battery replacements to their customers in store, effectively ending the throttling.

Apple has never been so clear as to why they dislike repair of their products, going so far as to say that they are too complex for people to repair by themselves. Even though there are numerous teardown guides and repair guides on sites such as iFixit.

Regardless, Tim Cook is legally obligated to be truthful with investors, and that is what has finally come out.

"While macroeconomic challenges in some markets were a key contributor to this trend [of lower iPhone sales], we believe there are other factors broadly impacting out iPhone performance, including consumers adapting to a world with fewer carrier subsidies, US dollar strength-related price increases, and some customers taking advantage of significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements."

If the above doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does.

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