Chrome Dark Mode

So, if you haven't heard already, Google will be releasing a new dark skin for their Chrome browser. Now, I'm just coming out and saying right away that I'm not a fan of this as I use a custom black and blue theme for my top bar, and I like having the light theme to accent the menus and such.

The look for the theme is very similar to the current implementation of incognito, if you are into that kind of thing that is. I won't judge.

The latest iteration for Chrome, being Chrome 73, will have support for MacOS 10.14's dark mode. Why are we reporting this? Well, there was a bug report spotted by Techdows which shows the founding stages of the dark mode. Unlike the MacOS version, the dark mode must be unlocked via Chrome's command line by adding: "--force-dark-mode" to current Chrome 73 builds. This line must then be removed in order to go back to light theme as it doesn't magic up a toggle button.

Source: ArsTechnica

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