DLSS Coming to Battlefield V?

In our post about the RTX 2060 and its current performance in games (pre-optimisation), you might of noticed that we mentioned DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) when talking about Dice's Battlefield V. No, that wasn't a mistake by any means.

This leak comes from DSOG, who found the mention of DLSS pertaining to the game from the very marketing material for the RTX 2060. This is also backed up by the original article hosted by VideoCardz.

Combining RTX and DLSS certainly has a few flaws as it stands, due to the fact that DLSS 1440p will render a 1080p image to be upscaled, meaning the lighting effects also have to be upscaled which can cause some loss of clarity, however this can easily be worked on over time by the AI farms at Nvidia by training the neural network.

This is especially interesting as this paves the way for the combo to be featured in more and more titles, and we cannot wait to see how it is implemented in titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which is already an absolutely stunning game.

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