GTX 1180 Spotted... Again

It's no secret that a lot of people just want a bog standard GPU without the added cost of RTX. Let's face it, a lot of people won't even use RTX functions unless using DLSS to improve their framerates.

Well, GFXBench has spotted a GTX 1180 running its benchmarking suite. It identifies the card as an RTX 2080, which means it is very similar to its raytracing capable counterpart and is likely based on Turing. The GTX 1180 could very well be using the same die as the RTX 2080, just with the RT and Tensor cores disabled.

Unforutnately for us, there are no comparable benchmarks to show an apples to apples difference. This is because the entry was recorded on Linux, while the only RTX 2080 entries are on the Windows platform. If I had one, rest assured I would test it within a heartbeat to validate it. Regardless of the OS disparity, the results that were output were near enough identical, with the cards trading blows occasionally, although on average the RTX 2080 came out ontop.

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Source: GFXBench

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