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The Core i9 9990XE is a rather strange CPU in essence, just coming out with that right off the bat. It has the following:

Yeah, that's all correct and verified information to those who haven't been keeping tabs on this CPU. Why does the chip not have an MSRP, you ask? That's because it is only available at auction to key OEMs with the heavily binned chips going to the highest bidder. Normally, Intel only does this kind of thing with their Xeon and Enterprise chips, so most wouldn't be aware of this.

As stated at the top of this article, the 9990XE has a lower core count (and therefore threads) than the 9980XE. How many less? 4 cores and 8 threads to be exact. How does that impact on performance? I'll go over that in a bit. It's less black and white as you may think, as the CPU is capable of reaching an all core turbo (at stock) of 5.0GHz while two cores can reach 5.1GHz. That just leads on to the power consumption rather nicely, pulling 255W TDP at it's base clock. Base clock. You read that right. That straight away just tells us that the CPU is more of a cherry picked 9940X and overclocked to just below its limit. Let's get into Puget's research shall we? Full specs of the CPU here.

In Lightroom, the 9990XE seems to pull away from the rest of the CPUs in the benchmark. Let's just put it into perspective though, it's only 6% quicker than the 9900K. let that sink in.

Again, in After Effects, the 9990XE is just a bit quicker than the retail and much cheaper 9900K. Only a 5% gain in this software.

Premiere Pro is a little more favourable to the 9940X OC edition. I mean the 9990XE. In this workcase, the 9990XE gets a huge 17% performance uplift against the 9900K, but again loses to the value of the 9980XE, which is only 2% behind.

It just goes from bad to worse here, with Photoshop much preferring the 9900K over all of the other HEDT CPUs, and in this case beating the 9990XE by a marginal difference, 0.2% to be accurate.

All original articles are listed throughout, but here they are incase you missed them.

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