MM830 - The Mouse With an OLED?

This was certainly something to wake up to on an early Friday morning, with the original article coming from Tom's Hardware.

Cooler Master has really been pushing their peripherals over the past couple years, completely revamping everything. But have they gone too far..? In their latest mouse, they have integrated an OLED display of 96x24 AND a D-Pad hidden within the thumb rest. Now, the D-Pad I can get behind, as it features lighting and the ability to program macros through the Cooler Master Portal. As an MMO player, this is a godsend as there are numerous times where spamming on the keyboard can leave you standing still like a lemon.

The OLED is a different subject. Personally, I find it a little bit of a gimmick, but I can kind of understand why Cooler Master has done this. The OLED allows you to display the DPI of your mouse, CPU, RAM, GPU utilisation etc. But again, I can't really see anyone picking up the mouse just to look at the pretty screen telling details of the system when there are pieces of software around that display an overlay such as RivaTuner and NZXT CAM to name but two.

The MM830 is available at the price of $79.99, but with everything they have crammed into the design I feel this is quite a nice price point for what seems to be a premium mouse. Full specs listed below.

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