MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightning Z Leaks

It is believed that MSI will soon be revealing their Lightning Z cards designed for overclocking the TU-102 core of the 2080 Ti. How soon? Perhaps as soon as CES in the next few days.

Images for the custom PCB of the card have leaked online alongside a number of HWBOT submissions, which just confirms some of the story. Going back to overclocking, these cards can output some seriously high frequencies, with at least two entries in the database touting clocks above 2450 MHz.

VideoCardz reports the Lightning Z to have a 19 phase VRM as well as 3x8 pin connectors. Yes, 3 connectors. This card will be extremely power hungry with all of the overclocking headroom, as it is also stated that the card is designed with a large focus on XOC (extreme overclocking).

The VRMs are all covered by a heat sink with a heat pipe, and will certainly help to prevent the VRMs from reaching their thermal limit. Unfortunately, there are currently no images of the card's stock cooler, but VideoCardz speculates it will be similar in size to the GAMING X TRIO.

Unfortunately, the original sources seem to have been hidden, but we will link them below in the event that they do resurface. Make sure to subscribe to keep up to date.

Littleboy HWBOT, Gunslinger HWBOT

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