Nvidia to Support Freesync Displays

It has long been the case that users would have to get a G-Sync monitor in order to have a variable refresh rate on their Nvidia GPU... Or use a work around with a Ryzen G series APU. But those days are set to be coming to an end.

Nvidia has been hard at work testing over 400 freesync monitors, and found that 12 were fully compatible of supporting G-Sync. Now, that number might be pretty small, but this is just the beginning of their testing and these are garunteed to support adaptive framerates with the driver update set to launch on the 15th January. I just wish my monitor was listed...

This doesn't mean it will be the end of it though, as with further driver support the list of fully G-Sync compatible monitors will only increase, which will certainly keep users happy. Nvidia also states that your monitor doesn't even need to be fully certified, as they mention that thse are the monitors that will ship with 'G-Sync' enabled by default. You will still be able to activate adaptive sync for your monitor via the Nvidia Control Panel, however they are rather quick to mention that results will vary drastically.

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