Nvidia winning against Intel's bid for Mellanox?

This is rather interesting, as it is an article I have only just picked up and comes to us via Tom's Hardware.

We all know that Intel is really leading the way when it comes to branching into new territories, such as the 5G market, networking, data storage, memory, the works. Well it seems like they were moving to acquire Mellanox to work alongside their already existing networking business (which they also acquired) by the name of QLogic all the way back in 2012.

What we didn't expect, was a powerplay from Uncle Jen Hsun Huang over at Nvidia. It is reported that the graphics giant has outbid Intel by 10% for a total of $6,600,000,000 which is no small sum. $6.6 Billion US. Wow. This could really help Nvidia in the long run as it will help to keep them cemented in a place of power for years to come, as this will help to expand their presence in datacenters across the world. I for one hope that they will be able to make use of the new revenue stream to help make the next gen even better. I personally can't wait for more titles to support RTX features.

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