Radeon VII Supports DLSS?

This article comes from an interview of Adam Kozak, where he was interviewed by a Japanese website 4gamer.net. Quick apology for lack of articles as of late, but let's get right into it.

Apparently, Microsoft is making a new API known as DirectML which is very similar to DX12 and DXR which effectively allows usage of machine learning in order to recreate DXR features. Radeon VII is also touted to be one of the first cards to support this new feature.

As the title states, the new DML feature set will have a DLSS-like anti-aliasing effect which will help to streamline performance, and if it is true that the Radeon VII will support this at launch well it makes it more of a compelling buy to say the least. If you can get past that £699 price tag of course.

DML is far more likely to be taken up by developers as it is more open to the general public than the proprietary Nvidia counterpart. It's always been the way of the game. But that begs the question, will the RTX lineup also get verified for DML? Please make sure to subscribe and become a member to stay up to date with news articles!

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