USB 4.0 Shows its Face - Double the Speed and Thunderbolt 3 Support

The USB Promoter Group (essentially the head of USB standards/specifications) has announced it is taking leaps and bounds with new USB 4.0 architecture some time in the middle of 2019. This new interface is touted to support Thunderbolt 3 and speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

The main question is, how in the bloody hell does this tiny connector have such a high throughput? Well, so far all we know is that it uses a two-lane interface and will be using the Type-C connector.

The use of the Thunderbolt 3 protocol also allows the new USB 4.0 to be used for both display and data uses, meaning you could see monitors driven by a USB connector as well as EGPUs (External GPUs). Not only this, but the new connector architecture will be able to provide the same power outputs, going up to 100W for system charging and 15W for bus-powered devices such as your peripherals.

As expected, the cable will retain backwards compatibility with the older USB standards. At this moment in time, we do not have the official marketing term although it will likely continue with the current naming convention used by its predecessors (SuperSpeed USB).

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