Welcome to the new website!

I would just like to welcome everyone to the new website for Kickstart Computing Ltd. and would like to invite you all to join our community Discord server so that we can connect more tech and gaming enthusiasts and bring them together.

I will be hard at work scouring through the web in order to find relevant articles to post, and will of course cite my sources at the end of each article. If there are any among you that would like to help with this project, send me a message via Discord or by emailing kickstartcomputing@gmail.com.

Now I know I ask a lot, but hear me out. Running a site costs money. And I hate to ask, but if you would like to support us we are now running a Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/Kickstartcomputing). At the moment, it only has two tiers. One for a basic supporter, and the other for the DJ perk on the Discord.

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